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Image: Alon Sariel
Kevin Macleod Dagger Gordon

Alison Stevens

Frances Taylor

Gary Peterson

Interviews & reviews

Simon Mayor Dan Beimborn

Trevor Moyle
It's a few years since we first interviewed him so here's an update.
Alon Sariel
One of the world young and promising mandolin players.
Dan Beimborn
A familiar face in the Gibson vintage instrument community with his web site the Mandolin Archive.
Kevin Macleod
Master of the Mandolin.
Dagger Gordon
Highland Mandolin.
Simon Mayor
Those familiar with Simon Mayor's playing will be aware of the beautiful tone he gets from his Vanden mandolin, whether playing beautifully decorated melodies, complex chordal arrangements of tunes or accompanying the playing or singing of others...
Alison Stephens
leading exponent of the classical mandolin in the UK
Nigel Gatherer
Nigel Gatherer is both a teacher and performer
Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor is our first female interviewee - and a classical mandolinist to boot.
Gary Peterson - Hom Bru
superb mandolinist with a mastery of the music of his native islands.
Ian Harris
Classical Mandolin virtuoso.
Dave Griffiths (Mandolin Express)
Exciting and entertaining instrumental quartet
One Bloke One Mandolin
Marc Woodward
Highly regarded UK mandolinist Marc Woodward
Luke Plumb - Shooglenifty
Shooglenifty bring a heavily layered electric world of rhythm to traditional tunes.
Allan Greenwood on the attraction of the round back
Collecting Neapolitan mandolins


Luke PlumbDave Gr

Ian HarrisTrevor Moyle